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Superpower of Choosing Wise Words…

We’ve all been there. We open our mouths and words tumble out before we can filter our response into something that’s appropriate to the situation. In this modern-day American world, it’s tough to even think about slowing down, much less doing so. If we can master this skill and use it wisely, it will take us a long way into being a superhero. Words can be devastating. I challenge you to One Day of only saying nice things (or not saying anything at all). This challenge includes texting, typing on the computer, and internal words you say against yourself. You might be amazed at how positive you begin to feel. One caveat – if you slip up, give yourself credit for trying and figure out where you went wrong. Learn from the experience, and move forward. :)  Today – make it a good day.


Differences: What Do They Mean To Us?

It’s glaringly obvious that we all have differences. It’s also a natural and spontaneous occurrence for us to categorize, beginning with Dangerous or Not Immediately Dangerous. When we get in trouble is when we decide to stigmatize other’s based on what traits they cannot change or by placing our own value system onto another person. United States government can be an obvious example here: because of where they’ve spent the last many years of their lives, or all of their lives (usually in privilege), they cannot understand what it’s like to be a middle class or poor person trying to survive, so they make rules based on what they think is possible or should be possible. I’ll leave it there without getting into a long-winded political rant.

If it’s not our business, then we should leave it alone. It’s not up to the rest of us to decide who has the right or ability to make a gender reassignment decision, choose this or that religion, or drive whatever kind of vehicle they want to drive. That’s a personal decision that really has no consequence on you. We aren’t the appropriate entity to pass judgment on that. By sticking our nose where it doesn’t belong it adds components to our lives that could be left out to our benefit.


The Art of Making Sense

There’s a really great article to read HERE. Wondering if you make sense or maybe if you’re believing something based on a false assumption or, heaven forbid, “common sense?” The article isn’t one you’d read lightly – it does take some thinking. What would an article about Making Sense be if you didn’t have to put forth some thought


Life is Mostly Imaginary


Daniel Kahneman (click HERE to watch one of his TED talks) has an idea that the “psychological present” is a window of about 3 seconds – everything else is either past or future. According to (click HERE), we have approximately 3600 thoughts per hour including information we’re taking in (it’s hot/cold/humid/sunny, I hear this many things, see this many things, feel this many things) and think possibly several thoughts about each one. You can see how this could seemingly get out of hand quickly, yet our brains are capable and most of us have these thoughts without recognizing each one. What makes life mostly imaginary is our take-away from the events we experience, and how we remember the events – the memories changing each time we remember them! This is one of the reasons why eyewitness testimony is so weak – what pops in our brains about a situation may be totally different than what actually happened, depending on how many times we access (& change) that memory, along with how we encoded that memory (what mental filters we have, what we notice first, even what mood we were in at the time). So what does this tell you about your experience in general? Your take on life? Not as solid as you may have thought. So a superpower idea boiled out of this could be: Be accepting of other people’s realities, knowing that they aren’t going to be, and can’t be, the same as yours.


Heroes? Superpower of Being Human.

You know… I certainly wouldn’t want to be a celebrity with all the pressures they must go through. I also don’t keep up with everything that any of them do – even my favorites like you see pictured above. What I think about, when I think of some of these people, is that despite being told who/what to be on-camera, off-camera they seem to make no bones about being themselves. Kudos to the authors who create the worlds for the actors/actresses to play in. To create your own world and bring life out of text, getting people to care about what you write… I’m without words.

Wil Wheaton is one of my heroes – to make doing what he loves part of what he does for a living: inspiring. It’s also nice that he lets us in on who he is as a person, flaws and all (Nathan Fillion seems the same). What Wil and Anne have seems phenomenal, and I hope they keep being awesome with each other.

Paul Reubens, man – I look at some of his pictures and I wonder what’s hiding – who he as a person is. There’s a picture that I’ve seen of him that has stuck with me, and I don’t remember if it’s black and white. It has Paul with some white powdery substance dappled on him and he looks so serious & I wonder what he was thinking at that moment. And then I see him in a pic with Kat Von D and another with Marilyn Manson.  Wow – unique People who do what they do!  :)

I want to go see Nathan Fillion at Tulsa ComicCon this year… but I’m pretty sure I’d just Derp (with any of the above) since I’m So, Damned, Shy & Introverted.

John DeChancie – he seems like such a cool cat, also.  He’s hands-down my favorite author (& there are Many books and series out there that I love to read). I Absolutely Love DeChancie’s Castle Perilous books and can’t imagine what goes through his mind on a daily basis. I’m in awe. I’ve turned people on to reading by having them read just the first of his Castle Perilous series. I’d love to work on writing, yet there are so many grand-masters out there at the craft.  :)

I also have to add Quentin Tarantino, Joss Whedon, and others to this list, but alas – I’ve run out of time in my 5-minute random post for this week…


Nightmare of Consumption

Really good film to watch by clicking HERE.  Takes all of, 5:57 minutes.


A Contemporary Evil vs. Superpower of Awareness.

I think there are a Lot of contemporary evils around.  There are a lot of evils that have snuck up on our nation.  Things like… advertising, the push for profits, the craze over how much money people want to make, consumerism, the dissolution of community.  A superpower that is really helpful to avoid being taken advantage of (or inadvertently taking advantage of others) is a superpower of Awareness.  Know that advertising is geared to doing whatever they can to get you to purchase their products or services – this includes some serious psychology/research that they’ve invested in so that you believe you need/want their products.  Do you Really need the newest in technology, brand name clothing, a bigger home, an expensive vehicle?



Been gone – reading.  Lots of really cool stuff out there to read.  Lots of youtube to watch and learn things from.  Sooooo not enough time to learn everything I want and one thing leads to another to another to… well… you get it.  :)

I’ve also been gardening, playing with the poi, and spending time with good people.  :)  Good times.  :)

Want some ideas on what you can do if you’re bored?  Check out the Places to Visit section on the right side of this blog.  All super great pages.  :)


Super Power: Learning (at least) 1 New Thing/Day

There are many ways to get our helpful dose of daily learning.  Here, I’ll recommend some.  Click on the names before the descriptions in order to go to their website or find out more about them.

Mental Floss – “Random, Interesting, Amazing Facts – Fun Quizzes & Trivia.”

Ted Talks – If you haven’t heard of them, you’re missing out.  Here are some of the “wise men” of our larger tribe.

MIT - open-source course work.  Bonus – you can indulge yourself in learning about Game Design, too!  Woot!

Secrets of Survival – Are you ready for a total social collapse?

Wise Geek – “Clear answers for common questions.”

The Simple Dollar – “Financial Advice for the Rest of Us”

Snopes – Is the latest rumor true?  Snopes does the research.

James Randi’s site – James Randi Educational Foundation.  Celebrating a reasoned life.

Makes Me Think – “Today’s Thought-provoking Stories.”

Mother Earth News – “Organic Gardening, DIY, Renewable Energy, Homesteading & Livestock, Real Food, Natural Health, Nature and Environment, Green Homes, Green Transportation.”

There are So Many More out there.  Also check out the “Places to Visit” (Links) section of this blog on the right-hand side of most pages.  With the age of the internet still upon us, why not spend 5 minutes a day seeking useful knowledge as your Super Power?

I’d love your suggestions, in the comments or via email at, or find me on Facebook.



Super Power: Art as Communication

John Holcroft, Illustrator.  Check out his site by CLICKING HERE.  This artist has an eye for detail in what’s going on around the world.  Powerful pieces.