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If you’re reading this right now – there are at least paragraphs left in your Book of Life.  I believe wholeheartedly that we can become change agents in our own lives and in this world – advocating for & being active in the causes that create a healthier environment.  Super heroic deeds have occurred in milliseconds – reflexively, & I know if the majority of us spend 5 minutes a day doing Something to improve the world, then we will be healthier, our world can be better.

I’ve made my share of mistakes & will certainly keep making them – hopefully learning from them the ways to be a better person.  I’m certainly not perfect and am not expecting that of anyone – I have been an accidental hypocrite & I probably haven’t seen the last of that.  The great thing about life is that we all have the ability to change (even me).

Imagine if every vehicle on the road right now threw out just one soda pop can onto the side of the highway.  It would be a mess, right?  Well – take that same logic – if one person that’s in that vehicle does something positive today, the ripple effect can be positively spectacular.  We can all spare 300 seconds, even if we break it up into parts.  What will you do today that makes your environment a better place?


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