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Ways to Be a Superhero…

This is an ongoing list of superpower ideas that might help change the world. Thanks for reading. :*) There are some of these I need to work on – but that’s part of learning and being human right? Good luck with these and thanks for trying to make the world a better place!

1. ♥ Be proactive in whatever cause you may find or already have.
2. ♥ Smile – it’s one of the most simple things you can do to brighten the world.
3. ♥ Donate – time, money, things you don’t use any more. Please make sure of the organization you donate to – you want whatever you donate to mainly go towards the cause they have and not “office costs” or whatnot.
4. ♥ Advocate – for yourselves, your fellow community members, a cause…
5. ♥ Hug – goes right along with smiling. I love the “Free Hugs” campaign you can see a video of on youtube.
6. ♥ Learn something new. If you can learn a couple new skills a year, you’ll be bettering yourself as well as the world around you.
7. ♥ Love. Simple, yet difficult for some.
8. ♥ Recycle – even if that means you recycle only plastics or only paper. Do some little something to make a difference…
9. ♥ Use Kind Words – because we all could use a little more positive words and language in our lives.
10. ♥ Network. Find people to communicate with who share your same love of hobbies or work or ages of children. This involves increasing your sense of community (another super power).
11. ♥ Get active. Physically and mentally. Walk down the block and back, run a marathon for a charity, read a non-fiction book/audiobook and or watch a show where you learn something. Take a class – do something that will save you from losing brain-cells watching a nonsense “entertainment-only” boob-tube show.
12. ♥ Simplify. Get rid of clutter you don’t need in your home, in your mind… The fewer things you have to dust or the fewer things you have to be angry about, the better mood you’ll have overall.
13. ♥ Breathe. We take this for granted. Do the 4X4X4X4 exercise. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds, repeat 3 times to make a total of 4. This will improve oxygen to your brain, stimulate creativity, stave off dementia’s and give you more energy. Imagine that – fueling your body makes you feel better.
14. ♥ Eat healthier. Speaking of fuel – eating healthier doesn’t have to mean avoiding chocolate and “bad” foods. Think Moderation and Quality, not quantity.
15. ♥ Chivalry. It’s becoming a lost art. *big frowny face*
16. ♥ Believe – find something to believe in and act upon it.
17. ♥ Reduce waste – this will also lessen the workload on you = bonus!
18. ♥ Tutor – you’re good at something. Teach someone else that something. Put an add in craigslist, find an organization that needs that skill, and Teach. You’ll actually improve your ability to do that something by teaching it.
19. ♥ VOTE. Get people out of office who are not doing good for this country, and vote in people who are willing to make positive changes.
20. ♥ Integrity – what are your core values? Do you like who you are or are you just pretending to?
21. ♥ Compliment – you can Always find something about someone that you can compliment them on. Sometimes you have to work hard at finding something to compliment someone on. Make it count and mean it, you might be surprised at the effect it has.
22. ♥ Encourage – others to follow their passions and to improve their superhero repertoire as well.
23. ♥ History – knowing the history of your country, your culture, and your personal history so that you may continue with what’s successful and avoid what’s bad for you.
24. ♥ Waiting your turn – patiently. We all have our moments when we get impatient with the person in front of us who is “just taking too long.” What if you’re that person in 30 years, or after having a physical/mental complication? Wouldn’t you want the respect by others who are waiting their turns? This includes waiting your turn to speak as well! Also – don’t skip ahead in lines.
25. ♥ Share. Play well with others right? The world will go Much more smoothly if people shared their knowledge, their resources and their toys. (And while you’re at it – make sure you respect those things that people share with you – either feelings, resources or toys!)
26. ♥ Saying Please & Thank-You. ’nuff said right?
27. ♥ Never intentionally embarrassing someone.
28. ♥ Avoid talking about only ones self.
29. ♥ Avoid gossiping, but do talk about someone’s good points in a positive manner.
30. ♥ Avoid prying or asking too many personal questions – unless it’s your profession (like I’m a counselor) – then, find a way to ask those questions without pressure and with respect.
31. ♥ Avoid pointing/staring at someone.
32. ♥ Use your Indoor voice when indoors (unless in an activity where people can logically expect and tolerate a louder voice).
33. ♥ Don’t make a scene. Unless your occupation is to be an actress, and it’s the appropriate time to utilize your acting skills, then don’t make a scene.
34. ♥ Try to make as little noise as possible in all situations. This includes eating, drinking, walking, etc. No one wants to hear what you’re eating or listen to you slurp.
35. ♥ Phone – do not be occupied by your phone when with people. And for goodness sakes – turn it OFF in the movie theatre, doctors office, lectures, class, etc. Yes – we know you’re the most popular person on the planet, but we don’t need to hear it or see it glowing and detracting those of us who want to be observant beyond ourselves.
36. ♥ Speak clearly.
37. ♥ Dress appropriately for the occasion.
38. ♥ Never assume anything about anyone. It gets messy!
39. ♥ Don’t touch other people’s belongings without permission. This includes “borrowing.”
40. ♥ Topics of conversation: To be on the safe side, never talk about politics, religion or money. Unless you’re one of those who just likes to argue for the sake of arguing or if you’re a “right fighter” – then you won’t get to argue for long because people won’t want to be around you.
41. ♥ “Right fighting.” Say you KNOW you’re right – do you force it down someone’s throat or do you realize they aren’t going to be convinced and let it go? If you’re one that tries to “make them see the light” then people won’t want to be around you. How likely are you to “educate” them then?
42. ♥ Wipe your feet before entering someone’s home.
43. ♥ Asked to be excused – whether you’re having audible “bodily functions” or need to be excused from the table – please ask.
44. ♥ Apologize. If you bump someone, say excuse me.
45. ♥ Watch your language. In front of your elders, children, and others. I know – they’ll hear it anyway – but if everyone watched their tongue then they wouldn’t “hear it anyway.”
46. ♥ Use a tissue – when wiping your nose, spitting out food, etc. And please – don’t be picking your nose. Even in your car we can see you!
47. ♥ Wash your hands! Seriously! EW!
48. ♥ No excessive PDA. Really – it just makes you look inexperienced and not experienced.
49. ♥ Make eye contact when talking with someone (but remember not to stare) – unless the culture dictates otherwise!
50. ♥ Cover your mouth when you cough/sneeze/etc. If particles have a chance of coming out of your mouth – put up your shield!
51. ♥ Avoid scratching private areas in public. Also – avoid excessive scratching any area in public.
52. ♥ Elbows off the table. Look like you care that someone spent time making your food – even if you’re “paying for it.”
53. ♥ People with Disabilities – don’t ignore or talk down to people with disabilities. Say something happens to you – would you want to be treated that way? Having a disability is isolating enough, don’t increase that isolation by making fun of them, assuming they’re drunk instead of someone who’s had a stroke and is relearning to walk, etc. THINK.
54. ♥ How are you? I don’t care what profession you’re in – if you aren’t willing to hear the answer – don’t ask! If you ask – be prepared to answer how you are!
55. ♥ Don’t lie. Seriously. There are other ways to say/do things than to lie.
56. ♥ Knock. If a door is closed, knock.
57. ♥ Don’t walk down the center of the parking lot isle. I mean really. Others need to get places too, and when there are things you can do so that you aren’t in someone else’s way then that’s using a superpower. Don’t be rude ‘kay?

Please see this pdf of a manners chart – pretty neat! MANNERS CHART PDF

More on the way. Please post here or email if you have suggestions for superpowers we can use in every day life. I’d love to hear them!


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