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Some People Are Like Tornadoes…

I’ve lived in Oklahoma most of my life, so a natural-feeling analogy hit me today: people are sometimes like tornadoes. At times, your best bet is to take shelter and let them blow and go. Nobody stops tornadoes except themselves – they wear down when they run out of resources.

So how do we take shelter from people-nadoes? Peep-nadoes? Torple? I digress…

Some protective gear we can get into is good ole acceptance. Yes, some people are just going to keep on spinning on, regardless of the damage done. What point is there in fretting about it? Do some damage control and move on.

One type of headgear to protect us from their onslaught is to use our rational thinking skills. I’ve talked about this in other posts. As a reminder: “should’ing” all over ourselves isn’t going to help. Yeah, you’d wish they should do something different, and they’re not likely to, so move along.

And one of the best ways to protect yourselves from a hum-nado (get it? Human+Tornado? Nevermind) is what we Okies rarely do. Instead of getting out on the proverbial porch to view the chaos and goggle at the mess: GET AWAY! Make like a tree and leaf the area! (I’m so bad tonight, I’ll blame it on finally feeling better).

So there ya go. Some sage advice from… well… a fellow human being. :)


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