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I give.

Gotta know when to hold’em, and know when to fold’em. This was probably just a silly attempt to contribute anyway, though I had to try: ripples and all that jazz.

There’s one more post that had already been written, scheduled for tomorrow. Other than that, I think I’m done.

I hate nagging, so I’m going to try and avoid doing that. The only way to avoid it is to give up the ghost. Or blog in this case. Although I tremendously, tremendously appreciate all the help I’ve gotten so far – I don’t want to keep overburdening with my questions and needing help.

Maybe I’ll find a different way to get the words out there… or maybe not bother since the people who are capable of understanding and making a difference Are making a difference in the world. The others… Can’t help people who can’t help themselves. I was really not liking the thought of being tied to the computer more and more anyway. Some of the changes I wanted to make would’ve made it easier for me to post via phone, but that’s still just a computer.

There are some things that might let the blog happen on another domain, but at this point I’m so tired of the frustration that I don’t know whether I’ll work with it or not. I am trying to reduce frustration, simplify my life, organize options, all that jazz. It doesn’t look like this thing was fitting in with those goals.

Almost 13 years of Gonewacko (in 5 more days). It had its heyday and then came the crash (the computer crash lol). The beast went down and it took me a while to stop grieving all that work and to rebirth it.

Good luck everyone! I’m still wishing people well. I’m still praying that people in general learn to get their head on straight and start forming positive and healthy communities. Time for me to focus on that part of it maybe. :)




Annnnd – I’m back. With big plans. But shhh – don’t tell anyone. ;-)

Yeesh – it’s been THREE YEARS?! Almost to the Day? Boy, I better make the new updates into worthwhile updates!