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Street Kings game by Board to Death

Click the picture above to go to the Street Kings website.

This game is currently on Kickstarter, and we have been playing it here at the 5 Minute Super Hero headquarters. I have to tell you, everyone that has played this game with me has asked to play again, or said really great things about it. You can see loads of reviews and playthoughs on YouTube or other websites. I mainly want to talk about how this adds to your superpower repertoire.

I’ve always been a fan of gaming. I love the interaction and everything it can teach a person. I love being able to strategize, laugh, compete, and even be beaten in games. Street Kings has a lot of those qualities. We’ve loved the flashy cars, the upgrades, naming our crew members, and priming the event to be the greatest race we’ve had so far. The replayability in this game is definitely there. The graphics are phenomenal. The mechanics are sound. This, is a super cool game for your money. Street Kings will very much get played a lot around the headquarters.