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Super Power of Creating Conscious Communities

There’s a really great article about creating conscious communities. You can find it by clicking HERE. I’ve long since bemoaned the lack of community as a contributing factor to the decline in the part of American society that I see. If we have more accountability by people knowing who we are, I think we’d see a lot more respectful behavior. Maybe a little more give-a-damn. Also, in general, I’ve found Films For Action to have some really great insight, and I’m adding their link among the links to the right of this blog for your perusal.


Heroes? Superpower of Being Human.

You know… I certainly wouldn’t want to be a celebrity with all the pressures they must go through. I also don’t keep up with everything that any of them do – even my favorites like you see pictured above. What I think about, when I think of some of these people, is that despite being told who/what to be on-camera, off-camera they seem to make no bones about being themselves. Kudos to the authors who create the worlds for the actors/actresses to play in. To create your own world and bring life out of text, getting people to care about what you write… I’m without words.

Wil Wheaton is one of my heroes – to make doing what he loves part of what he does for a living: inspiring. It’s also nice that he lets us in on who he is as a person, flaws and all (Nathan Fillion seems the same). What Wil and Anne have seems phenomenal, and I hope they keep being awesome with each other.

Paul Reubens, man – I look at some of his pictures and I wonder what’s hiding – who he as a person is. There’s a picture that I’ve seen of him that has stuck with me, and I don’t remember if it’s black and white. It has Paul with some white powdery substance dappled on him and he looks so serious & I wonder what he was thinking at that moment. And then I see him in a pic with Kat Von D and another with Marilyn Manson.  Wow – unique People who do what they do!  :)

I want to go see Nathan Fillion at Tulsa ComicCon this year… but I’m pretty sure I’d just Derp (with any of the above) since I’m So, Damned, Shy & Introverted.

John DeChancie – he seems like such a cool cat, also.  He’s hands-down my favorite author (& there are Many books and series out there that I love to read). I Absolutely Love DeChancie’s Castle Perilous books and can’t imagine what goes through his mind on a daily basis. I’m in awe. I’ve turned people on to reading by having them read just the first of his Castle Perilous series. I’d love to work on writing, yet there are so many grand-masters out there at the craft.  :)

I also have to add Quentin Tarantino, Joss Whedon, and others to this list, but alas – I’ve run out of time in my 5-minute random post for this week…


Nightmare of Consumption

Really good film to watch by clicking HERE.  Takes all of, 5:57 minutes.