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Some People Are Like Tornadoes…

I’ve lived in Oklahoma most of my life, so a natural-feeling analogy hit me today: people are sometimes like tornadoes. At times, your best bet is to take shelter and let them blow and go. Nobody stops tornadoes except themselves – they wear down when they run out of resources.

So how do we take shelter from people-nadoes? Peep-nadoes? Torple? I digress…

Some protective gear we can get into is good ole acceptance. Yes, some people are just going to keep on spinning on, regardless of the damage done. What point is there in fretting about it? Do some damage control and move on.

One type of headgear to protect us from their onslaught is to use our rational thinking skills. I’ve talked about this in other posts. As a reminder: “should’ing” all over ourselves isn’t going to help. Yeah, you’d wish they should do something different, and they’re not likely to, so move along.

And one of the best ways to protect yourselves from a hum-nado (get it? Human+Tornado? Nevermind) is what we Okies rarely do. Instead of getting out on the proverbial porch to view the chaos and goggle at the mess: GET AWAY! Make like a tree and leaf the area! (I’m so bad tonight, I’ll blame it on finally feeling better).

So there ya go. Some sage advice from… well… a fellow human being. :)


Super Power of Creating Conscious Communities

There’s a really great article about creating conscious communities. You can find it by clicking HERE. I’ve long since bemoaned the lack of community as a contributing factor to the decline in the part of American society that I see. If we have more accountability by people knowing who we are, I think we’d see a lot more respectful behavior. Maybe a little more give-a-damn. Also, in general, I’ve found Films For Action to have some really great insight, and I’m adding their link among the links to the right of this blog for your perusal.


8 Lessons from Mr. Rogers…

CLICK HERE for an off-site article that sums up 8 great lessons from Mr. Fred Rogers, one of the great superheroes who reached millions with his sage advice. It hits me in the feels. Thank you PBS Digital Studios for the great article. I’ve always found Mr. Rogers a real-deal hero and someone who has made a lot of sense. I love to hear stories about him.



Life is Mostly Imaginary


Daniel Kahneman (click HERE to watch one of his TED talks) has an idea that the “psychological present” is a window of about 3 seconds – everything else is either past or future. According to (click HERE), we have approximately 3600 thoughts per hour including information we’re taking in (it’s hot/cold/humid/sunny, I hear this many things, see this many things, feel this many things) and think possibly several thoughts about each one. You can see how this could seemingly get out of hand quickly, yet our brains are capable and most of us have these thoughts without recognizing each one. What makes life mostly imaginary is our take-away from the events we experience, and how we remember the events – the memories changing each time we remember them! This is one of the reasons why eyewitness testimony is so weak – what pops in our brains about a situation may be totally different than what actually happened, depending on how many times we access (& change) that memory, along with how we encoded that memory (what mental filters we have, what we notice first, even what mood we were in at the time). So what does this tell you about your experience in general? Your take on life? Not as solid as you may have thought. So a superpower idea boiled out of this could be: Be accepting of other people’s realities, knowing that they aren’t going to be, and can’t be, the same as yours.


A Contemporary Evil vs. Superpower of Awareness.

I think there are a Lot of contemporary evils around.  There are a lot of evils that have snuck up on our nation.  Things like… advertising, the push for profits, the craze over how much money people want to make, consumerism, the dissolution of community.  A superpower that is really helpful to avoid being taken advantage of (or inadvertently taking advantage of others) is a superpower of Awareness.  Know that advertising is geared to doing whatever they can to get you to purchase their products or services – this includes some serious psychology/research that they’ve invested in so that you believe you need/want their products.  Do you Really need the newest in technology, brand name clothing, a bigger home, an expensive vehicle?


Super Power: Learning (at least) 1 New Thing/Day

There are many ways to get our helpful dose of daily learning.  Here, I’ll recommend some.  Click on the names before the descriptions in order to go to their website or find out more about them.

Mental Floss – “Random, Interesting, Amazing Facts – Fun Quizzes & Trivia.”

Ted Talks – If you haven’t heard of them, you’re missing out.  Here are some of the “wise men” of our larger tribe.

MIT - open-source course work.  Bonus – you can indulge yourself in learning about Game Design, too!  Woot!

Secrets of Survival – Are you ready for a total social collapse?

Wise Geek – “Clear answers for common questions.”

The Simple Dollar – “Financial Advice for the Rest of Us”

Snopes – Is the latest rumor true?  Snopes does the research.

James Randi’s site – James Randi Educational Foundation.  Celebrating a reasoned life.

Makes Me Think – “Today’s Thought-provoking Stories.”

Mother Earth News – “Organic Gardening, DIY, Renewable Energy, Homesteading & Livestock, Real Food, Natural Health, Nature and Environment, Green Homes, Green Transportation.”

There are So Many More out there.  Also check out the “Places to Visit” (Links) section of this blog on the right-hand side of most pages.  With the age of the internet still upon us, why not spend 5 minutes a day seeking useful knowledge as your Super Power?

I’d love your suggestions, in the comments or via email at, or find me on Facebook.



Really Super Song With A Great Message…

Just listening to a super-great song with great meaning.

Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Want to Be.”  <—— Click to listen to the lyrics version on YouTube.

I love what this song is saying.  I’m just going to be me.  I’m noticing what’s going on with the world around me but I’m going to make sure I’m doing the best I can to be okay.  I’m concerned, wishing things were different, I’ll do what I can to make the world a positive place, and that’s what I can do.


Anger & Irritability Management Skills (AIMS)




Boy – a lot of us could use a little of THIS training (click HERE).  Geared towards and developed for Veterans, this is handy training for anyone who has difficulty taming the irritability tiger.  The course is great for those who have short attention spans, varying up the course material with written and audio/visual components.  Have a look.  They score 5/5 stars for helping us develop the Superhero ability of taming our anger and irritability.

The course is great for those who have short attention spans


Kumquats & Apples & Compost, Oh My!

So – I went to Grogg’s Green Barn over the weekend and they were so very helpful.  I signed up for a class, checked out their chickens, ate some of their plants, and bought $160 worth of goodies.  lol.  Now I have another apple tree so that it can cross-polinate my fuji apple (as long as the horse doesn’t eat it again).

I also am making my own toothpaste and mouthwash and they’re delightful.  I’m happy to reduce the amount of chemicals that money-making-companies want us to ingest.  Also – I’m using Eco Me brand cleaners and they work really well and aren’t as caustic.  I’m happy with it so far.  Tonight – I make dishwasher detergent without the crazy chemicals.  :)

So, that’s what I’ve been up to.  Along with continuing the project of reducing the amount of Stuff I have in my home.  :)  That… is a much bigger project than I thought lol.


I Haz Compost Pile!

Yeah – sometimes the lolcatz speech gets stuck in my brain.  :)

Well – In the whole scheme of wanting to live more naturally, using natural products, clearing out my home of all the unneeded crap I’ve accumulated over the years, etc – I have actually started my very first compost heap/pile/whatever-you-wanna-call-it.

My awesome guy threw up the framework for us.  And cleaned out the horse manure+hay/straw.  And dumped everything into the pile.  It looked like very hard work.  He Really enjoys puttering around the yard.  lol.

Anyway – I hadn’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy with work stuff, with cleaning out my home, with family stuff, and with my “city” stuff.  That’s the way it always is though, isn’t it?  Life = busy.

This weekend I get a treat: going to take my granddaughter and my nieces and nephews to a place.  A cool place with Heirloom seeds and awesome plants and plant-knowledge.  My guy, my best friend, a van load o’ people.  :)  It’ll be a veritable learning trip.  (I certainly need all the help I can get.)

Well – post with ya later!