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Street Kings game by Board to Death

Click the picture above to go to the Street Kings website.

This game is currently on Kickstarter, and we have been playing it here at the 5 Minute Super Hero headquarters. I have to tell you, everyone that has played this game with me has asked to play again, or said really great things about it. You can see loads of reviews and playthoughs on YouTube or other websites. I mainly want to talk about how this adds to your superpower repertoire.

I’ve always been a fan of gaming. I love the interaction and everything it can teach a person. I love being able to strategize, laugh, compete, and even be beaten in games. Street Kings has a lot of those qualities. We’ve loved the flashy cars, the upgrades, naming our crew members, and priming the event to be the greatest race we’ve had so far. The replayability in this game is definitely there. The graphics are phenomenal. The mechanics are sound. This, is a super cool game for your money. Street Kings will very much get played a lot around the headquarters.


Alienation, by Christopher Lombardi

Alienation is a 2-4 player card-drafting game with some take-that and changing strategies. You’re brokering real-estate in the universe, trying to make all of your clients happy. There are always rivals for the best clientele and differing ideas of what the best universe would look like, so watch your back!

The cast of characters have depth and personality, and the art in this game is out of this world. There are Friendlies, Meanies, Rowdies, Sleepies, Matchies and Sunnies, and they interact with each other accordingly.

Alienation is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn game that is great for the family or for a filling filler game. I’ve played this on lunch break, with the family and friends around the dinner table, and am happy to play this game at any time. I think it would be a great gate-way game. This game has great replayability, especially when you take into account the Supervisors. Our group generally stays away from take-that type game play, yet we enjoyed this game since you can play nice, play your own strategy, or play gotchya-style. Our first game took us about 25 minutes with consulting the easy-to-read rule book. Our second game we were pros already and played a 3-player game in about 10 minutes. Scores were close, and fun was had by all.

You’ll be missing out if you don’t back this game. It’s one that hits our table often and I don’t see that changing. :)

Shown Above: 3-player Alienation at scoring time.

Visit the Alienation page on BoardGameGeek.

Alienation on Kickstarter.
Only 15 days for you to be a backer, as of the date of this blog.

Sorry for the blurry picture. We give Alienation thumbs up! :)


Tabletop Game Review

Here’s a crazy video for your perusing pleasure. And more info below the video. :)

Well, it won’t insert the video here, but click HERE to go to YouTube and watch it. :)

You know I’m a fan of gaming to keep up brain flexibility, creativity, activity and basic neuronal health. I’m going to start doing reviews for games that I particularly find useful for improving the brain, increasing positive socialization, and all-around having fun.

Creepiest Pet Shop is from Creepy Tiki and is a hand-management, matching, set-collection, take-that game that is easy to learn, quick to play and enjoyable. If you like games such as Spoons, Aquarius, Sushi Go! and Slapjack with some Fluxx-type gotchya’s and gimme’s, then Creepiest Pet Shop is for you. There is creative and sharp graphics with plenty of cute for us girls and enough grit for the guys also. Our group really liked that you aren’t reliant on colors in the matching, and can easily focus on icon-matching since colors and icons are synchronous.

The goal of Creepiest Pet Shop is to adopt the most pets, because who can have enough of these awesome critters?

There’s a green Monster Deck, and a purple Pet Deck. You’re playing as employees at the Creepiest Pet Shop and you help poor little monstrous pets find homes with loving families: monster families.

Each turn is divided into 4 phases.
1) Discard and draw, so you can shake up your hand a little bit.
2) Effect – where players may play Gotchya or Gimme-type cards.
3) the Reveal: one player will reveal two pets and then immediately everyone playing will go through the next phase which is
4) Adoption, where we attempt to be the first to satisfy the requirements to adopt the pets.

Adoption: There are a number of different colored/symboled cards in the Monster deck, and they correspond to the same colors/symbols that are on the Pet Deck cards that you’re trying to adopt. Match the colors or symbols the fastest, you get to adopt the pet. There are also Terrifying Monsters, which have two colors, and count as two victory points at the end of the game.

Some of the cards that spice up game play are Free Puppy, where a target player may draw 1 card from the top of the pet deck and keep it, or Van Helsing’s Pet Control that makes you immediately discard 2 pets. It’s a dangerous business to be in. :)

Well, that’s it in a nutshell, and I hope your interest is piqued and you check out this neat little gem from Creepy Tiki. :)


People Percolate…

I’ve come to the realization that people percolate. From the time we’re born until the time we die, ingredients are being put into our brew. Ingredients that were in our basic blend like our personality, will probably always be evident. There are many other things that will end up enhancing our brew in one way or another – experiences that shape the way the whole mixture chemically bonds (or not).

What has been percolating for you? Is it sweet… salty… bitter?


I give.

Gotta know when to hold’em, and know when to fold’em. This was probably just a silly attempt to contribute anyway, though I had to try: ripples and all that jazz.

There’s one more post that had already been written, scheduled for tomorrow. Other than that, I think I’m done.

I hate nagging, so I’m going to try and avoid doing that. The only way to avoid it is to give up the ghost. Or blog in this case. Although I tremendously, tremendously appreciate all the help I’ve gotten so far – I don’t want to keep overburdening with my questions and needing help.

Maybe I’ll find a different way to get the words out there… or maybe not bother since the people who are capable of understanding and making a difference Are making a difference in the world. The others… Can’t help people who can’t help themselves. I was really not liking the thought of being tied to the computer more and more anyway. Some of the changes I wanted to make would’ve made it easier for me to post via phone, but that’s still just a computer.

There are some things that might let the blog happen on another domain, but at this point I’m so tired of the frustration that I don’t know whether I’ll work with it or not. I am trying to reduce frustration, simplify my life, organize options, all that jazz. It doesn’t look like this thing was fitting in with those goals.

Almost 13 years of Gonewacko (in 5 more days). It had its heyday and then came the crash (the computer crash lol). The beast went down and it took me a while to stop grieving all that work and to rebirth it.

Good luck everyone! I’m still wishing people well. I’m still praying that people in general learn to get their head on straight and start forming positive and healthy communities. Time for me to focus on that part of it maybe. :)



Some People Are Like Tornadoes…

I’ve lived in Oklahoma most of my life, so a natural-feeling analogy hit me today: people are sometimes like tornadoes. At times, your best bet is to take shelter and let them blow and go. Nobody stops tornadoes except themselves – they wear down when they run out of resources.

So how do we take shelter from people-nadoes? Peep-nadoes? Torple? I digress…

Some protective gear we can get into is good ole acceptance. Yes, some people are just going to keep on spinning on, regardless of the damage done. What point is there in fretting about it? Do some damage control and move on.

One type of headgear to protect us from their onslaught is to use our rational thinking skills. I’ve talked about this in other posts. As a reminder: “should’ing” all over ourselves isn’t going to help. Yeah, you’d wish they should do something different, and they’re not likely to, so move along.

And one of the best ways to protect yourselves from a hum-nado (get it? Human+Tornado? Nevermind) is what we Okies rarely do. Instead of getting out on the proverbial porch to view the chaos and goggle at the mess: GET AWAY! Make like a tree and leaf the area! (I’m so bad tonight, I’ll blame it on finally feeling better).

So there ya go. Some sage advice from… well… a fellow human being. :)


Smile Power Day

Just a friendly reminder that an easy superpower to show off is your smile. People can’t help but feel good when you smile at them, our brains are just made that way. Unless you have one of those creepy I’m-up-to-something-smiles… that’s not you is it? Anyway – thanks to PeeWee Herman for reminding me that today is Smile Power Day. :)


Super Power of Creating Conscious Communities

There’s a really great article about creating conscious communities. You can find it by clicking HERE. I’ve long since bemoaned the lack of community as a contributing factor to the decline in the part of American society that I see. If we have more accountability by people knowing who we are, I think we’d see a lot more respectful behavior. Maybe a little more give-a-damn. Also, in general, I’ve found Films For Action to have some really great insight, and I’m adding their link among the links to the right of this blog for your perusal.


8 Lessons from Mr. Rogers…

CLICK HERE for an off-site article that sums up 8 great lessons from Mr. Fred Rogers, one of the great superheroes who reached millions with his sage advice. It hits me in the feels. Thank you PBS Digital Studios for the great article. I’ve always found Mr. Rogers a real-deal hero and someone who has made a lot of sense. I love to hear stories about him.




I can’t overstate how important a sense of community is. Without community there is no responsibility or accountability for our actions. We are all connected, and a lot of our attitudes, behaviors and communications do affect others. Look around you. Who around you would you help, and who would help you in your time of need? That’s your community. If your community is mostly online via social media or other outlets, then you’re missing a large chunk of the living experience. It’s easy to disappear in online interactions, easy to misinterpret text-based communications, easy to write someone off when they offend you because you haven’t truly invested in the relationship. What about the community, the area in your immediate geographical vicinity? If someone was robbing you right now, would anyone notice or care? If someone was robbing your neighbor, would you notice or care? If we don’t take a stand to strengthen and secure our surroundings, then we do ourselves and our community a disservice. Help your community, support your community, and reap the cultural and social benefits. It helps everyone involved. So go out and join or create a festival, join or create a farmers market, create a community game day or barbeque, meet some neighbors. :)